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There are many activities scheduled through-out the year in Central Bruce Peninsula. Please check back often to view updated activities.

2009 Central Bruce Events

Feb 16 Lioness Bonspiel - Lion’s Head Arena

Feb 21 Hockey Day in Canada - Lion’s Head Arena

Feb 22 Figure Skating Carnival - Lion’s Head Arena

Feb 27-Mar 1 Peninsula Panters Hockey Tournament - Lion’s Head Arena

Mar 13-15 Allen Lemke Memorial Hockey Tournament -Lion’s Head Arena

Mar 16-20 March Break Public Skating -Lion’s Head Arena 1-3pm

May 7 Lioness Fashion Show - Lion’s Head Arena

May 17 Pancake Breakfast - Rotary Hall

June 6 Lioness Golf Tournament - Tobermory

June 10 Bruce Trail Hike, Massage _ Dance - Cape Chin North

June 20 Annual Yard Sale Trail

June 26-28 Bruce Peninsula Players Presents

June 27 Strawberry Social - Christ Church Anglican, Lion’s Head

June 27 Canada Day Parade - Lion’s Head

June 27 Olde Tyme Concert - Rotary Hall, Lion’s Head

June 27 Canada Day Parade - Dyers Bay

June 27 Fireworks Display - Pike Bay

June 28 Pancake Breakfast - Lion’s Head Beach Pavilion

July 1 Country Dinner - Swan Lake Legion

July 11 Annual Pork Dinner- Christ Church Anglican Lion’s Head

July 11 Lion’s Head Hospital Auxiliary Yard Sale -Lion’s Head Arena

July 11-12 Artists Studio Tour

July 15 Country Dinner , Pike Bay United Church

July 25 Stokes Bay SummerFest

July 31-Aug 1 Softball Tournament- Ferndale Ball Park

July 31-Aug 1 Airing of the Quilts - Rotary Hall - Lion’s Head

July 31-Aug 3 Bruce Peninsula Art Show - Lion’s Head BPDS

July 31-Aug 3 Home Coming Weekend- Lion’s Head

Aug 1 Home Coming Street Dance - Lion’s Head

Aug 2 Pancake Breakfast -Lion’s Head Beach Paivilion

Aug 2 Sand Sculpture and Horseshoe Tournament - Lion’s Head Beach

Aug 2 Fireworks Display - Lion’s Head Beach

Aug 15 Annual Pike Bay Pork BBQ - Pike Bay

Aug.22 Bluegrass and Country Music Festival - Lion’s Head

Aug 22 Day Care Silent Auction - Lion’s Head

Sept 3-6 Bruce Peninsula Fishing Derby- Lion’s Head Beach Pavilion

Sept 5 Artists Studio Tour - select studios participating

Sept 6 Pancake Breakfast - Lion’s Head Beach Pavilion

Sept 6 Bruce Peninsula Fishing Derby Awards - Lion’s Head Arena

Sept 13 Terry Fox Run - Lion’s Head BPDS

Sept 18-20 Bruce Peninsula Outdoor Festival - Tobermory

Oct 10 Lads _ Lassies Bazaar - Christ Church Anglican Lion’s Head

Oct 11 Pancake Breakfast - Rotary Hall Lion’s Head

Nov 7 Lion’s Head Hospital Auxiliary Christmas Bazaar- Board Room Hospital

Nov 11 Remembrance Day Ceremonies Lindsay Cenotaph 9:15am

Lion’s Head Cenotaph 11:00am

Nov 21 ACW Christmas Bazaar - Christ Church Anglican Lion’s Head

Dec 5 Artists Group Christmas Tour - Christ Church Anglican -LH

Dec 5 Santa Claus Parade -Lion’s Head

Dec 5 Carol Fest - Rotary Hall lion’s Head

Dec 5 Lioness Christmas Bazaar - Friendship Centre Lion’s Head

Jan 15-17 / 10 North of the Checkerboard Hockey Tournament - Lion’s Head


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